Recycling Made Easy

Tejano Waste program makes it possible for businesses to recycle multiple types of recycling materials without having separate containers. With single stream recycling it is possible to put paper, plastic, cardboard, and metals into one container, it will then be taken to a facility to be sorted. Once sorted, it will be taken to recycling mills to be remanufactured into new products.

Tenant Engagement

BTW understands the realities that large facilities face in every phase of new initiative implementation. From overcoming objectives, gaining commitment, acting on those commitments, and maintaining a sustainable level of recycling, BTW provides the support & education to meet those goals. Our goal is to ensure that each and every participating tenants needs are being met.


BTW is committed to ensuring that your facilities waste stream needs are being met. From startup programs to LEED Certified diversion rates, the Complete Recycling Solution will tailor a program to meet your needs.

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